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Rukka Pets – Protected in every weather

Whether it’s warm or cold, raining or sleeting or the wind is blowing in gusts, you won’t skip your dog’s daily walk. That’s why Rukka Pets products are made to protect your dog in every weather.

We have the best expertise to do just that. Rukka has been a leader in the field of protective clothing for decades. The extreme northern climate doesn’t only test people, but pets too. This is the incentive that drove us to create all-weather products for dogs, as well.

Rukka Pets uses high-quality materials that have been tested by humans. We choose the best fabrics and technical features from Rukka sport clothes and adapt them to the pets’ clothing line. In the design process, the focus lies on practicality and comfort, as functionality and quality are things we never compromise on.

Rukka Pets is part of the Luhta Sportswear Company

Luhta Sportswear Company is a leading Finnish clothing group, one of the largest sportswear companies in Europe. Active people and pets in more than 50 countries around the world have chosen to use our unique brands and products, representing Finnish heritage and know-how.

We are known around Europe for our Rukka, Luhta, Icepeak and Dachstein brands. Our brands represent our Finnish heritage and the know-how that has been passed down in our company through several generations and over 100 years. Our products are sold to wholesalers and key retailers, and directly to consumers in our own brick and mortar stores and online. Learn more about Luhta Sportswear Company here.