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Sizing and measuring guide for dogs

Sizing and measuring guide for dogs

A product that fits right is the best for you and your pet; it ensures safe movement without restricting the natural range of motion and offers optimal weather protection. Rukka Pets products have a size chart that enables you to find the perfect fit for your pet based on their body measurements without having to physically try on the product. You can find the size chart on the product page of each product on our website. Always check the size chart to ensure an optimal fit for your pet.

How to measure your dog

Measure your dog with a soft tape measure in a neutral standing position. The most important measurement differs from one product type to another: when buying a harness, chest girth is the most important, whereas in clothing, the length of the back and waist make the biggest difference. The proportions between different dog breeds can vary greatly, but there are differences among dogs of the same breed, too. Therefore, it is important to measure your dog in order to find the size that fits your dog’s individual body shape.
Size Guide

Read the chart right

The size chart of each product can be found on our website on the product page. In the left-hand column of the size chart, you’ll find the product size in either number sizes or letter sizes dependent on the product type. In the columns titled by letters (A, B, C etc.) are body size measurements presented in inches and centimetres, that correspond to each clothing size. From the image to the right you can see where each measurement is taken on the dog’s body.
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Clothing size

Sizes of Rukka Pets clothes are number sizes, the smallest size often being 25 and the largest 65 (or 80). To determine the clothing size of your dog, the most important measurement is the length of the back, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Choose the size from the size chart based on the result and next check your dog's body/waist circumference. Note that, especially if you have a breed with a large head or a thick neck, measuring the girth of the neck in also important. The coats and overalls should have room in the chest area to allow a full range of motion.

You can customise the fit of a garment thanks to the adjustable details in the clothing. Dependent on the product, you can often adjust it at the waist, in the collar and at the neckline. The length of the back and the trouser legs can often also be adjusted. You can roll up the neck or the body of the garment if they are too long for your dog’s proportions. Always check that the clothes fit snugly, but not too tightly on your dog.

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Harnesses, collars and leashes

Rukka Pets collars, harnesses and leashes are sized based on letter sizing that ranges from XXS to XXL dependent on the product. To determine the size that fits your dog, you need to measure the circumference of your dog’s neck at the widest part of the neck. For the harnesses, also the chest girth measurement is needed. It is measured behind the front legs at the widest part of the chest. The different leash options are based on the weight of your dog. Additionally, the size charts list the length and width of each leash. After getting the gear in the right size, adjust it to fit your dog.
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Paw wear size

Rukka Pets paw wear sizes range from 1 to 8. The size of boots is determined based on the width (and length) of your dog’s paws. Measure the paws on an even surface by placing one of the front paws on a piece of paper. Trace the outline of one of the front paws on the paper. Measure the width at the widest part of the outline and choose the size based on that. If the width falls in between two sizes, choose the bigger size since the dog’s paws have to have room to open fully inside the boot. Use the front paws for measuring, as they are usually larger than the hind paws.